Our Services

Restorations and Customs

At CCH we can bring a car back to a factory-correct condition or take a complete clean-slate custom approach.  We also get a fair amount of partial restorations and vehicles that have been started but not completed at home or at other facilities. Our work generally falls under the following categories but everything is custom-tailored to your specific needs.

Full Restoration

This is often referred to as a frame-off or rotisserie restoration. The implication is that all parts and systems of the vehicle are serviced and then reassembled.  Another way to look at it is that at each stage of the restoration you can choose to re-use, restore or replace.  This type of work is not for the faint of heart. But should you wish to go the distance, it can be the most rewarding. Visit our restoration gallery for a look at some of our work. Or read about the details of our restoration process to learn more.

Rescues and Partial Restorations


For various reasons, a project can leave another shop and end up in our hands. We call this a Rescue project. Many times this means tracing back other people’s work and problems!  This can involve a percentage of the build or, at times, the entire build.

Partial restorations

We also complete partial restorations. In many cases we complete just a body shell for an individual who has taken the project on themselves but simply does not have the resources, time or skills to complete it. On the flip side, we have done an entire mechanical job on a vehicle whose cosmetics the client is content with.  Due to our workload, we do limit our involvement in partial work and do not do basic vehicle service.

’69 Jaguar “survivor” car. The engine bay was restored to match the still original exterior paint.


Opening a speed catalog and purchasing ready-made parts is just not what we’d call “custom.”  If you’re looking for something unique, we’ll have a consultation; then we’ll develop a design based not only on what you want, but why you want it. For this type of build, we ask that clients remain open to suggestions.