Body and Paint

Jeff has a couple of the best metal fab guys in Houston and probably THE BEST paint and body guys.
— Mark Whitehead

Quality equipment

Our paint and body department is second to none. Beyond our knowledgeable staff, we have the modern equipment to do the job.

To provide an outstandingly clean paint finish, the shop features a downdraft spray booth with an oven that is fed air filtered with a refrigerant drier, and then complete descant filtration as well.

Quality materials

We have our own PPG mixing system for accurate paint matching and customization.

Only top-quality materials are used throughout from suppliers such as 3M, Norton, SEM and PPG.


Ensuring the best fit and finish


All bodywork is performed bucked or jigged so that its transition between panels is not lost. It is not until the parts are nearly complete that we separate them for final paint and clear coat. This insures that no problems arise in trim fitment or panel alignment/gapping. For the client looking for a show-winning job, this is a must.

If you’re looking for a super-deep or flutter-free finish, Flow-coating is available, so there is enough material to take the paint to flattest possible level.