1962 Thunderbird

Jeff Pate listens to his clients and understands how to restore a classic car to the standards established by his clients and within his clients’ defined budget.
— Michael Neumann

1962 M-Code T-Bird Restoration Story

This was not a bad car, reasonably well maintained and a 20 footer (nice looking from twenty feet away).  But for the owner, it lacked the “pop” and show car look that he was after.  Everything on the bottom of the car had already been replaced, so our job on the bottom was pretty easy.  All we had to do was change the exhaust to factory style and put a new fuel tank in; the rest was already done.  Now, for the outside this required a complete strip down to metal and repaint in factory-Ford black.  This also required pulling the engine for a good job in the engine bay.  All of the trim was sent out to Speed and Sport Plating to get polished, plated and straightened.